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Summer's Snowflakes

I didn't always love Queen Anne's Lace. It was just there. Everywhere really, but I didn't really see it. Not until I saw it through my daughter's eyes.

We were hiking on a trail near our home. One we've hiked more times than I could count. Suddenly she exclaimed; "Mom, LOOK! Summer has snowflakes too!" And indeed, there they were, amid our sweaty same ol', same 'ol walk; a whole field of glorious snowflakes.

Now, every time I see Queen Anne's Lace, I see snowflakes. I see beauty. I see excitement. I see something new in place of the ordinary. Queen Anne's Lace is beautiful all on its own, but for me it holds a special place in my heart. It holds a reminder to get out of my own head, to breathe, and to look at the life around me with curiosity and wonder.

May your days be filled with wonder, my friends.

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