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Enchanted Prairie is...

 A place to breathe.

     A place to connect with nature.

     A natural meditation.

     A bit of nature therapy.

     A place for me to share images that

        bring light into my heart.

Nature Therapy

My love of nature photography started with a series called #onmycommutetoday.   The pictures you see here were all taken on my way to, from, or in-between job assignments.  Photography, for me, became a step into the present moment.  The breath between all the stuff  of the day.  

You know what I mean: all of the things you need to do for work, the kids’ dental appointments, the oil change, that battle of wills you're dreading will come when you get home with your middle schooler and their homework, or the fight you just got into with your significant other about who moved who’s cell phone charger.   Maybe you’re running late and are running through all the ways your day will now be thrown off track.  Maybe you’re really struggling today with hard stuff that this year has thrown at us.  I’m a sign language interpreter and often travel state wide for assignments.  There’s lots of time to think, or stress, or stew, or plan, or conspire, or create, etc.  


But here’s the thing, when we get completely lost inside our brains, we’re not *really* living. 

Real life is happening right here.  Right now.  

 With this breath. 


 And this breath.  


 And this one.


 Are you breathing with me yet?  


Just three deep breaths and you’re well on your way.   You are releasing endorphins, creating a sense of calm, relieving pain, and starting to detoxify your body.  Really!  Deep breathing strengthens your immune system, increases energy, and lowers your blood pressure,   Just a few deep breaths and your are better able to take on all that *stuff* I just talked about.  


So…back to #onmycommutetoday.   When I stepped out of the three ring circus going on inside my brain and looked around at the nature surrounding me, I started to breathe.  Nature photography was a gateway towards meditation, towards living in the here and now, towards all that good stuff that comes with deep breathing.   Nature photography is now a part of my every day life, and as such, breathing is too.


Maybe you just like to look at a pretty picture now and then and don’t really care about all that *nature therapy* stuff.  That’s great too!   You’ll find a bunch of pretty pictures here that are happy to fill your screen just for a moment.  Here, you’ll find reminders that spring will come again after this cold upcoming winter,  that the changing of seasons brings all sorts of joys, that you can find beauty even on a gloomy and rainy day.   Have a great day friends.  Take a moment to sign my guest book before you leave.


Thank you for visiting.



Family ~ a powerful force of nature.  Here's a peek at mine.

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