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Custom Prints

Custom Prints

Your Enchanted Home

  • The lilacs that bloom every spring in your back yard.  

  • Your towering maple that beams bright orange every autumn.

  • The apple blossom tree that attracts honey bees like no other.

  • The ferns you planted when you first bought your home and have been growing like mad ever since.

  • Your garden bounty that makes you so proud.  

  • The pine cones that litter the ground every season. 

  • Fresh fallen raindrops that adorn your annual flowers.  

  • New growth on a tree you thought you had lost to a storm. 

The Possibilities are Endless!

Site visits start at $150

Lets talk about it.

Create Images with Meaning

Nearly every photo you see on this site was taken in the midwest.  Most of them in my very own backyard.   You'd never know it if you looked at my yard, but when you take closer look at the itty bitty details, a whole magical world appears.  I'd love to come to your space, find some magic, and create enchanting images that will mean so much more to you because they are little treasures from your own home.  


You and I can create photographs that will touch your heart in a unique and special way.

raindrops resting on a tip of grass.  Yello and golden light surrounds it.
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